Will this benefit my recovery?

After a Brazilian Butt Lift, you must ensure you do not put any pressure on your butt. If you do it will affect your results & will cause the fat to re-absorb into the body. Dr Miami's Super Booty Buddy helps keep your butt elevated from the seat and supports your back simultaneously. However we take no responsibility for how your post op results turn out.

Can I use this straight after surgery?

You should use the products recommended to you by your surgeon. Due to post op tenderness, an extra pillow may be required to aid comfort. 

Will this pillow take my weight?

The Dr Miami Super Booty Buddy has no weight restrictions.

Can I wash it?

Yes, the Dr Miami's Super Booty Buddy has a removable cover, which is machine washable 30 degrees. Do not wash the cushion.

Can I use this all day?

The cushion is intended for occasional use. We recommend that you sit on the cushion for no more than 30 minutes at a time, taking regular breaks from sitting down. If you feel any tingling, numbness or pins and needles in your legs, stop using immediately and walk around. This is a result of not positioning yourself correctly on the product and the natural blood flow is being restricted.

How should I use Dr Miami's Super Booty Buddy?

The cushion was made so the user can be seated without putting pressure on their buttocks. Push the thigh support to the front of the chair, ensuring the lowest edge is at the front. Attach the back support using the velcro tabs. It can be used on any seat, including cars, public transport & restaurants. Although we encourage you to use both parts of the cushion at al times, the back support can be detached to allow for occasions where discreetness is desired, for example, going out to a restaurant.

What are the dimensions of the cushion & what's it made of? 

The thigh support is 16L x 7W x 4H (Inches) and is made of foam type. Back Support cushion has a poly fibre filling.

Can I take this on a plane?

Most airlines allow you to take a support cushion on board, however please check with the airline your flying with.


The Dr Miami Super Booty Buddy back support comes vacuum packed which will expand slightly upon opening. If you are travelling & want to reduce the size after opening, please use a reusable vacuum storage bag which can be purchased from any home depot store.

How fast will this get to me?

Please visit Shipping and Returns